NOTE: The law library is open from 8am-6pm M-F, and 12pm-6pm Sunday through December 11th. Click here to make a reservation for up to three hours a day. Check our COVID-19 Guide to Services Libguide for information on how to use the library's services

Services @MacMillan 

The MacMillan Law Library provides numerous collections for our users, as well as a high level of specialized services to Emory Law faculty, students and staff.

Who can use the MacMillan Law Library?

The Emory Law Library serves Emory faculty, staff, students, alumni and healthcare employees as well as members of the local legal community (Bar members and firm employees) or visitors who have made prior arrangements for their research. All users must swipe in with their Emory ID or present valid picture ID to enter.   Patrons with disabilities will be passed into the building via our ADA accessible gate after having their ID verified. The computer lab and printers on level 2 (main floor of the library) are restricted to Emory faculty, staff and students.   Please note effective March 2015: in accordance with its license agreements Emory University requires users to logon from on and off campus; database access is available to current faculty, staff, students and healthcare employees (for select clinical resources) and is not accessible via guest wireless. 

Retired Emory faculty and staff may continue to view library websites and the library catalog (discoverE).  Contact individual libraries for borrowing privileges.  Remote access to electronic resources and databases is not a benefit, but retired Emory faculty and staff are welcome to come into the Emory Libraries to use designated workstations to access electronic library resources.

All non Emory researchers may use the terminals available on each floor for checking the online catalog, and may have view only access to select databases at workstations on levels 2 and 3. Emory provides guest wireless internet access for visitors with laptops (guest access will not provide database access).  Members of the public may do research in our government documents collection only.

A little bit about us . . .

Our catalog, discoverE can be viewed online.  Here you can search for books and journals, as well as check your Library record to see when your books are due back or request a renewal.

To gain entrance to the facility you will need to get an alumni card from the EmoryCard Office (located on the first floor of the B. Jones Center 404-727-0224), or borrower card available from our Service Desk.  If you do not have either of these, you will need to sign in and show a photo ID.

More Alumni Resources:

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You may apply for borrowing privileges by completing a paper form available from the Service Desk of the library. 

Once you have filled out an application form, your graduation date will need to be verified and your user record created in our system.  Both of these functions must be performed by a supervisor, so there may be up to a 24 hour delay between your first visit and the creation of your record.

We ask that you provide complete contact information, including an email address if possible, and that you update us if this information changes.

Once registered, your borrowing privileges are valid for one calendar year.  As your registration expires, you will be asked to fill out a new form so that we can keep current contact information on file for you.

Borrowing privileges must be exercised in person, and are not transferable to another.

Spouses and family members of Emory alumni are not eligible for borrowing privileges from the MacMillan Law Library.   

Circulating materials may be checked out for 28 days (please bear in mind that the majority of our collections do not circulate).

Materials may be renewed by coming in person to the law library (you do not have to bring the items).  You may also phone (404-727-6824) or reply to the notices you receive to have your borrowing period extended.   

We send out reminder notices 7 days prior to the due date of all library materials as a courtesy. All borrowers are asked to keep track of their checkouts and due dates by logging into our catalog.

Overdue notices are sent out daily via email - be sure to check your spam filter to make sure you're getting our notices!

Books may be recalled from you if they have been checked out to you for 10 days or more.  We ask that you return recalled materials as quickly as possible.  If an item you need is listed as checked out to another, you may request a recall via our catalog.

A fine of 50 cents per day is charged for each overdue item, to a maximum fine of $45.00.  There is a 5 day grace period.  Books are considered lost after they have reached 6 weeks past their due date.  Lost books will be billed a replacement fee of no less than $100.00 (this charge may be greater depending on the value of the lost material).

Borrowing privileges will be suspended after an accrual of $20.00 in fines.  A supervisor can reinstate borrowing privileges once the fines have been paid. 

Catalog access terminals are available on the first four floors of the Law Library.  There is a public use computer available at the Service Desk for brief research use.

Alumni users do not have access to the computer lab; however visitors may bring laptops to the library and use the guest wireless access.

Printing is not available to visitors.

The library has scanners which patrons can use to save images to a flash drive or email them to an account. These scanners are available free of charge. 

A supervisor is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am through 7:00 pm, as well as selected weekend hours.  We understand that it may not be possible to visit the law library during times when a supervisor is on duty.  We encourage you to email us or call (404-727-6824).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Head of Access Services directly (404) 727-8211 or by mail at 1301 Clifton Road, Atlanta GA 30322.

Students and faculty with a valid university ID from Georgia State, Georgia Tech, and University of Georgia may use the library's collections as well as borrow materials.  In order to apply for borrowing privileges you will need to present your home institution ID and fill out an application at our Service Desk during the hours your home library is open.  Borrowing privileges are conditional on approval from your library.  For other Atlanta area schools in the ARCHE consortial group, you will need to provide an InterLibrary Use card (which can be obtained from your home library's reference staff) prior to your visit and fill out a registration form at our Service Desk in order to borrow.  Borrowing privileges are conditional on approval from your library.
For students who will be visiting Atlanta for summer or a vacation and wish to use the library, we ask that you have your home institution's library contact us to verify for us that you are an enrolled law student in good standing.   Faculty will be asked to provide confirmation of current employment at their home institution.  This information can be directed to the Access Services librarian, MacMillan Law Library, 1301 Clifton Road, Atlanta GA 30322 (404-727-8211).
These patrons may make use of our library's collections, but may not borrow. Please be prepared to show a current Bar Card or other identification when you sign in. Firms may contact InterLibrary Loan in order to borrow materials.
Members of the general public may use the library's U.S. and E.U. documents collections.  Public patrons will need to show valid identification in order to enter the library.
The library does not offer guided tours, but groups from other law institutions may visit the library.  In order to maintain a pleasant and orderly learning environment and to avoid scheduling conflicts, we require reservations for all guests who plan to use the library with groups larger than five people.  To schedule a time for your group please call the Service Desk (404 727 6824) or the Head of Access Services (404 727 8211).