Frequently Used U.S. Government Documents

(guide created by Chris G. Hudson)

The links from the title headings below are to official government versions in pdf format when available. Information below each heading includes locations and coverage years for tangible formats on campus and links to other online page image sources where available.

United States Reports (1991-present)

  • Print: Full Opinions - MacMillan 3rd floor (1790-present)
  • Microfiche: Full Opinions w/ briefs - MacMillan 1st floor (1897-present)
  • Hein Online (1754-present)

United States Code

Public and Private Laws (1995-present)

  • Print: Statutes at Large & Slip Laws - MacMillan 1st floor (1789-present)
  • Hein Online (1789-present)

Congressional Bills (1993-present)

  • Microfiche: MacMillan 1st floor (1984-2003), Woodruff Library (1981-2001)
  • THOMAS: full text (1989-present), bill summary (1973-present)

Code of Federal Regulations (1997-present)

  • Print: MacMillan 1st floor (current year; all previous years available from storage)
  • Hein Online (1938-present)

Federal Register (1994-present)

  • Print: MacMillan 1st floor (1993-present; 1936-1992 available from storage)
  • Hein Online (1936-present)

Congressional Record (1994-present)

  • Print: MacMillan 1st floor (1966-present)
  • Microfilm: MacMillan 1st floor (1789-1967)
  • THOMAS (1989-present)
  • Hein Online: permanent ed. (1873-2004), daily ed. (1994-present)
  • Lexis Congressional (1985-present)

Congressional Reports and Documents (aka the Serial Set, 1995-current)

Congressional Hearings (1995-current)

  • Print: MacMillan 1st floor (1960s-present, assorted committees), Woodruff Library (larger collection, check EUCLID)
  • Lexis Congressional (1824-present)

Compilation of Presidential Documents (1993-present)

  • Print: no longer published, online only
  • Hein Online (1965-present)

U.S. Treaties and Other International Agreements

TI:GER Program video

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