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Canada Government and Law

  • Common Law system
  • Unitary System:
    • Provincial courts hear federal and provincial law cases
    • Federal Court has jurisdiction limited to claims against the federal government and specified subjects (copyright, patents), Appeal and Trial Divisions
    • Supreme Court of Canada hears appeals from Federal and provincial courts

Canadian legal materials

  • Print materials at Emory:  Ranges 372-375, Hansell Room, not current
  • Cases:
    • Canada Supreme Court Reports, Federal Court Reports
    • Canada Supreme Court Reports 1876-2011 on Hein Online
    • Dominion Law Reports
      • Provincial and federal cases
      • Commercial reporter, with advance sheets and headnotes
    • Provincial reporters:  only Ontario and Quebec current, volumes to 2003 for other provinces
  • Statutes:
    • Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985 Consolidation
    • Statutes of Canada 1952-current volumes
  • Regulations:
    • Consolidated Regulations of Canada 1978
    • More recent in Canada Gazette Part II (1979-current volumes)

Canadian law online

  • Lexis
    • Canada resources under Foreign Laws include Canadian consolidated Federal legislation (statutes and regulations), consolidated provincial legislation (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario), Federal and provincial case reporters
  • Westlaw
    • Federal and provincial statutes and regulations, Federal and provincial caselaw, Carswell treatises
  • vLex
    • Canada Gazette from 1998, Supreme Court, Federal Court, and Federal Court of Appeal, law reviews
  • Hein Online Session Laws:  Acts of the Parliament of Canada 1792-2011
  • CANLii:  Searchable Federal and provincial statutes, regulations, cases
  • Laws of Canada (Dept. of Justice):  Consolidated Acts and Regulations
  • Canada Gazette;  HTML and official PDF images of Canada Gazette
    • Part I:  notices and proposed regulations
    • Part II:  official regulations
    • Part III:  Acts of Parliament
  • University of Alberta Centre for Constitutional Studies
    • Articles and cases on Canadian constitutional law
  • University of Toronto
    • Links to Canadian federal and provincial legislation

Research Guides

TI:GER Program video

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