Commercial Transactions Research

*Based on the commercial transaction research materials from Alicia Brillon and Alan Pannell at the University of Colorado

The Uniform Commercial Code

State Commercial Codes


  • UCC:  General Treatises
    • Uniform Commercial Code (White & Summers, West Practitioner Treatise Series) KF890 .W45 2000 and on Westlaw
    • Analysis of the 2003 Amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code Articles 2 and 2A: With Full Text Articles and Official Comments (KF912.22 .A16 2003)
    • Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code KF879.514 .A53 1981 and on Westlaw
    • The Portable UCC (ABA) (KF890 .U47 2005)
    • Hawkland's Uniform Commercial Code Series KF 879 .S27 .H38 1982 and on Westlaw
  • UCC:  Article 2 Sales
    • The ABCs of the UCC.  Revised Article @.  Sales.  (ABA) KF 915 .Z95 G33 2004
    • Williston on Sales.  KF 915 .W5 1994
    • Sales and Bulk Transfers Under the UCC on Lexis
  • UCC :  Article 2A Leases
    • The ABCs of the UCC.  Amended Article 2A, Leases.  (ABA)  KF 946 .Z95 B668 2005
  • Contracts Treatises
    • Williston on Contracts 4th KF801 .W53 1990 and on Westlaw
      • Multi-volume, with extensive research references to West publications and footnotes
      • Separate forms volumes
    • Corbin on Contracts on Lexis
  • Study Guides:
    • Examples and Explanations: Sales and Leases (Reserves KF915 .Z9 B74 2003)
    • Sales and Leases of Goods in a Nutshell (Reserves KF915 .Z95 M55 2003)
    • Uniform Commercial Code in a Nutshell (Reserves KF889.3 .S68 2005)
    • Uniform Commercial Code Hornbook (Reserves KF890 .W45 2000) (with research references to West publications)

Sources for Forms

  • Lexis
    • Transactional Advisor Tab for Commercial Law:  Includes sections of resources to Research the UCC (codes, treatises, cases), Create and Draft Documents (forms)
    • Area of Law by Topic:  Commercial (UCC) tab:  find databases of statutes, cases, forms, treatises on commercial law
  • Westlaw
    • Find Commercial Law and Contracts in Area of Law by Topic, or add the Commercial Law topical tab:  collections of cases, codes, UCC, treatises, forms
    • FormFinder:  Database, available at the topic of all Westlaw pages
      • Find forms in Westlaw databases by topic (commercial law), subtopic (UCC Article 2 - Sales), jurisdiction, and search terms
  • Hard copy available in the law library
    • Major sets like AmJur practice sets in Reference
    • Practice-oriented books (many ABA titles) include sample forms, sometimes forms on cd or accompanying website
    • Many publications available in our library only through Lexis or Westlaw
  • The Internet
    • Fee-based forms sites, download forms you can edit
    • Free sites, usually samples with more available for purchase


Contract and Legal Forms

  • For all forms sources:  Only a starting point for language and style.  Adapt to your jurisdiction and facts.
  • You may need to piece together portions of several contract forms
  • You will need to draft specific provisions for your contract yourself
  • Major Multi-volume Sets
  • UCC and Commercial Forms
    • Uniform Commercial Code Legal Forms on Westlaw
    • Forms and Procedures Under the UCC on Lexis
    • All State and General Contracts/Commercial Forms, Clauses and checklists on Westlaw
    • General Contracts/commercial Forms, Clauses and Checklists on Westlaw
    • Commercial (UCC)  Transactions LexisNexis Forms on Lexis
    • UCC Transaction Guide:  Analysis and Forms (Looseleaf) KF890 .U53 1988
    • Williston on Contracts Forms:  KF801 .W53 1990 and on Westlaw
    • Internet Forms and Commentary:  A Practitioner's Guide to E-Commerce Contracts and the World Wide Web (ABA):  KF889.3 .I563 2002
    • Modern UCC Litigation Forms on Lexis
    • Current Legal Forms for Commercial on Lexis
  • Leasing forms
    • Current Leasing Law and Techniques:  Forms on Lexis
  • Other Westlaw and Lexis Forms Databases
  • Free Sources on the Internet

Drafting Resources

  • Practitioner resources with practical advice
  • Find checklists and tips for putting together your contract
  • Questions, clauses, considerations for drafting a contract
  • A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting.  (Adams/ABA) KF807 .A33 2008
  • The Commercial Lease Formbook:  Expert Tools for Drafting and Negotiation.  (ABA)  Reserves KF 593 .C6 C63 2004
  • Commercial Real Estate Law Practice Manual:  With Forms.  (ABA)  KF 572 .M38 2001
  • Contract Law From a Drafting Perspective:  An Introduction to Contract Drafting for Law Students (Haggard):  KF807 .H34 2003
  • Drafting and Analyzing Contracts:  A Guide to the Practical Application of the Principles of Contract Law (Burnham):  KF807. B87 2003
  • Drafting Contracts:  How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do (Tina Stark):  KF807 .S73 2007
  • Drafting Effective Contracts:  A Practitioner's Guide (Feldman & Nimmer):  KF 807 .F45 1999 (looseleaf, updates discontinued 2007) and Westlaw  Sample page
  • Working with Contracts:  What Law School Doesn't Teach You (Fox/PLI):  KF807 .F69 2002
  • Commercial Agreements:  A Lawyer's Guide to Drafting and Negotiating on Westlaw
    • Sample page:  Ten Commandments of Drafting on Westlaw
  • The In-House Counsel's Essential Toolkit (ABA):  KF1425 .I64 2007 (7 volumes)
  • CALI exercises on drafting contracts and documents for practice (law school password required)

Georgia Resources

  • Georgia Commercial Code
    • OCGA Title 11, Reserves and Georgia Room
      • Annotations to cases, law reviews, ALR and encyclopedias, ULA
      • OCGA on Lexis
      • To search just the unannotated code text, use the UNANNO segment
    • Code of Georgia Annotated Title 11, Georgia Room
  • Georgia Jurisprudence:  Business and Commercial law:  Vol. 5, Uniform Commercial Code.  GA Room.  Also on Westlaw.  Georgia law on the UCC, arranged by Article.  Includes references and footnotes to the OCGA, commercial law treatises, ALR, forms and trial practice sets, and caselaw.
  • Brown's Georgia Pleading, Practice and Legal Forms (arranged by OCGA section).  GA Room.  And on Westlaw
    • Commercial Code in Volume 3
    • Brief forms including some form contracts and notices
    • Contract Example
  • Georgia Forms:  Legal and Business:  GA Room. (4 volume looseleaf)
  • Georgia Landlord and Tenant:  Lease Forms and Clauses 3d (Dawkins):  KFG117 .A65 D38 2009 and on Westlaw
  • Georgia Contracts:  Law and Litigation (Larkins):  KFG150 .L37 2002
  • Georgia Contracts/Commercial Law Forms, Clauses, and Checklists on Westlaw
  • Georgia Contracts:  Law and Litigation on Westlaw
  • Georgia Forms:  Business and Commercial on Westlaw
  • Georgia Forms:  Legal and Business on Westlaw
  • All Georgia Transactions Lexis forms on Lexis
    • Sample Express Warranties Form on Lexis

International Resources

  • UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1489 U.N.T.S. 3, 19 I.L.M. 668 (1980), S. Treaty Doc. No. 98-9 (1983), U.N. Doc A/CONF.97/18, Annex I (1980)
  • CISG Database
    • Pace Law School Institute of International Commercial Law
    • Text of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
    • With guides, commentary and analysis, legislative history, and cases
    • Includes Drafting CISG Contracts and Documents, with suggested clauses
  • UNILEX CISG Database
    • Text of the treaty, seachable cases, bibliographies, subject index
  • Trans-Lex database
    • Translated commercial codes
    • Commercial conventions and treaties and model laws
    • Links to guides with transnational commercial law, plus national commercial law websites
  • Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).  (Schlechtriem and Schwenzer) K1028.3198 .A3 K6613 1998
  • Contracts for the Sale of Goods:  A Comparison of Domestic and International Law.  (Gabriel)  K 1030 .G32 2004
  • Sales Law:  Domestic and International.  (Foundation Press:  Gillette and Walt) KF 915 .G55 1999
  • Transnational Commercial Law:  International Instruments and Commentary.  (Goode)  K 1003 .T73 2004
  • Understanding the CISG in the USA: A Compact Guide to the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.  (Lookofsky)  KF 915 .L66 1995
  • UCC Reporting Service:  CISG Treaty on Lexis

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