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A little bit about us . . .

Our catalog, called EUCLID, can be viewed online at http://www.library.emory.edu/.  Here you can search for books and journals, as well as check your Library record to see when your books are due back.

To gain entrance to the facility you will need to get an alumni card from the EmoryCard Office is located on the first floor of the B. Jones Center and can be reached by phone at 404-727-0224.  If you do not have an Emory Card, you will need to sign in and show a photo ID.

More Alumni Resources:

Emory Law School Alumni page

Emory Alumni Resources page


Becoming a Registered Alumni Borrower at the Law Library

You may apply for borrowing privileges by completing a paper form available from the Circulation Desk of the library. 

Once you have filled out an application form, your graduation date will need to be verified and your user record created in our system.  Both of these functions must be performed by a supervisor, so there may be up to a 24 hour delay between your first visit and the creation of your record.

We ask that you provide complete contact information, including an email address if possible, and that you update us if this information changes.

Once registered, your borrowing privileges are valid for one calendar year.  As your registration expires, you will be asked to fill out a new form so that we can keep current contact information on file for you.

Borrowing privileges must be exercised in person, and are not transferable to another.

Spouses and family members of Emory alumni are not eligible for borrowing privileges from the MacMillan Law Library.  


Borrowing Privileges at the Law Library

Circulating materials may be checked out for 28 days (please bear in mind that the majority of our collections do not circulate).

Materials may be renewed by coming in person to the Law Library (you do not have to bring the items).  You may also phone (404-727-6824) or email the Circulation staff to have your borrowing period extended.   

We send out reminder notices 7 days prior to the due date of all Library materials as a courtesy. 

Overdue notices are sent out every Tuesday via email, or if no email address is available, on paper.

Books may be recalled from you if they have been checked out to you for 2 weeks or more.  We ask that you return recalled materials as quickly as possible.  If an item you need is listed as checked out to another, please come to the Circulation Desk and we can recall it for you.

A fine of 50 cents per day is charged for each overdue item, to a maximum fine of $45.00.  There is a 5 day grace period.  Books are considered lost after they have reached 6 weeks past their due date.  Lost books will be billed a replacement fee of no less than $70.00 (this charge may be greater depending on the value of the lost material).

Borrowing privileges will be suspended after an accrual of $20.00 in fines.  A supervisor can reinstate borrowing privileges once the fines have been paid.


Computer Use, Copying and Printing at the Law Library

Public access terminals are available on the first four floors of the Law Library.

While the computer lab on the main (second) floor is restricted to current Emory Law School staff, faculty and students, visitors may bring laptops to the library and use either the guest wireless access or borrow an Ethernet cord from the Circulation Desk.

Printing in the Law Library is also limited to current Emory Law School staff, students and faculty.

There is a copier available on floor 2.  Visitors may make copies with change for $0.25 per page. The library also has scanners which patrons can use to save images to a flash drive or email them to an account. These scanners are available free of charge.


Other Information

A supervisor is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am through 7:00 pm, as well as selected weekend hours.  We understand that it may not be possible to visit the Law Library during times when a supervisor is on duty.  We encourage you to email us or call (404-727-6824).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Circulation Supervisor directly:

Circulation Supervisor

Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library

1301 Clifton Road

Atlanta, GA 30322

(404) 727 8211

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