Interlibrary loan (ILL) makes it possible for the law library to borrow materials that are unavailable at Emory from other libraries for our patrons’ short-term use.  We encourage you to consult with a Reference Librarian (404-727-6826) prior to completing a request form.  They can assist you in locating materials at the Emory libraries as well as locating full text electronic resources to save you the time waiting for interlibrary loan (ILL) materials to arrive.

ILL service is available to law school faculty, students, and staff; other Emory patrons should contact their home libraries regarding ILL.  ILL is not available to alumni; alumni should check with their local public library.  

How to Request Materials

To place an ILL request, first check EUCLID to be certain that the item is not available at Emory.  Then click the blue “Interlibrary Loan” button located at the top of the EUCLID screen and use your NetID and password (just like email or Blackboard) to log in to ILLiad, our interlibrary loan system.

Select the proper form for your request and fill in the pertinent information.  Pertinent information would include: title (PLEASE do NOT abbreviate journal titles - if in doubt consult the Bluebook or a Reference librarian), author, ISBN or ISSN, date (especially for articles), OCLC number (this is the most helpful thing  you can give us!).  Please be careful and use the correct form (books versus articles or chapters) - submitting the incorrect form may cause your request to be sent back for resubmission.

You can keep track of your requests by using the “In-Process Requests” button in the ILLiad main menu.  We will email you when your books arrive and you can pick them up at the circulation desk.  Articles will be placed in your mail file.  Please allow at least two weeks for ILLs to arrive; obscure items may take longer.  Plan ahead when placing your ILLs.  If time is extremely limited, you may wish to explore Interlibrary Use options which will allow you to obtain materials directly from other Atlanta libraries.

What's requestable (or not)

Please bear in mind, some types of items are generally unavailable through ILL:

  • Very recently published books or periodical issues
  • Multi-volume sets
  • Entire volumes of periodicals
  • Reference books
  • Rare books or original manuscripts
  • Videotapes and DVDs
  • Some dissertations and theses

We do not place requests for:

  • Items on Reserve at the Law Library (including study aids)
  • Textbooks
  • Items available online as page-images (.pdf's)
  • Newspapers available in any electronic format (.pdf or html)
  • State codes available in any electronic format (.pdf or .html)
  • Ephemeral items (PLI's and ALI/ABA materials which are kept for a limited time)
  • Items held by other Emory libraries
  • Items held by Emory libraries but checked out
  • Open-ended portions of items (e.g. tables of contents, indexes) unless there is a known discrepancy we can help you resolve

Due to the volume and expense, we do not borrow recreational materials. A better source for these materials is your public library.

Please contact the ILL office at 404-727-2881 if you have questions about a specific request. 

Just because you've searched for, and found, what you need in EUCLID, you may still need to submit an ILL request for it.  This will depend on what the location is.

Below is a chart of locations and what they mean in the context of submitting an ILL request:


Item is checked out, this is the due date.  These items may be recalled by clicking the "Request" link to the right.  Not eligible for InterLibrary Loan.


At the bindery, will return to the library in 4-6 weeks, may be requested via InterLibrary Loan if no other copies are available at other Emory Libraries.


Being used in-house - click on the link to see which carrel.  These items may be consulted in these carrels, but should not be removed. 


Claimed returned by another patron, may be requested via InterLibrary Loan if no other copies are available at Emory Libraries.


Item on reserve, check these items out from the Circulation Desk for 2 hour in house use.


Item is not available because it has been damaged, may be requested via InterLibrary Loan if no other copies are available at other Emory Libraries.


In Library, but not yet available - may be requested for rush processing through EUCLID.


Main floor reading area, located behind the Reference Desk.


Lost by patron, not available, may be requested via InterLibrary Loan if no other copies are available at other Emory Libraries.


Missing from library collections, not available, may be requested via InterLibrary Loan.


Click on link to access this item.


Ordered, but not currently in library may be available in weeks or months, may be requested via InterLibrary Loan if no other copies are available at other Emory Libraries.


At preservation, will return to the library in 4-6 weeks,may be requested via InterLibrary Loan if no other copies are available at other Emory Libraries.


Item housed in off-site storage, click on "Request" to have it delivered to an on-campus library.


Recently returned, check at Circulation Desk or reshelving areas on floors 3 or 4.


Non-circulating staff collection, if no other copies are available, ask at Circulation.

STORAGE 1st Floor

Closed storage, ask at Circulation



Once you have your ILL'ed materials

Cost Interlibrary Loan is not a free service.   Many institutions charge for interlending.  We try hard to make sure that we requests items from other libraries which do not charge, but often we incur charges for materials we borrow.  Effective for the fall semester of 2009, these lender charges will be applied to your account.  For students, these will be billed to the bursar's office, for journal spaders the journal will be billed and for faculty the charges will be billed to their PDF account with the Law School.

Please bear in mind that even when we borrow from a no cost lender, there is still staff time and effort expended on both sides, so ILL borrowing is never really "free".  Please use good judgment to ensure that the resources for providing this service remain available to everyone.  When we loose or return materials late, this can jepordize our relationship with other libraries who may opt not to lend to us in the future.  Be sure to save copies of articles you receive as well as photocopies you may, as any duplicate requests will have to be approved by ILL staff before being placed and may be subject to a minimum $25.00 processing fee.

Handle with care! Interlibrary loan items should be handled with the greatest care possible; these are not our books.  Please respect any restrictions placed by the lending library, such as library use only  or no renewals. Disregarding these restrictions may result in fines and/or the loss of ILL privileges. 

How long will it take? Including the OCLC number of the item you need (found at the bottom of the WorldCat screen "Accession No: OCLC: 387288697" will us time getting what you need.  ILL may take up to 10-14 days.  Please indicate in the notes field of your request if an item is a rush.  Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee that your materials will arrive in time to meet your deadlines.  If you really need the item today or tomorrow, check the Universal Catalog of Georgia's state libraries.  If the item is held at Georgia Tech, Georgia State or the University of Georgia, you can just go to that library and borrow the item using your Emory ID - it's that simple.  If you see that a book is held at another state library (Georgia Perimeter College, Clayton State, etc.), you will need to visit the Reference Desk and obtain an ARCHE interlibrary use card.  Using this card, you can go to the library in question and borrow the item directly.

Loan periods are determined by the lending library and range from two to four weeks.  If you will need materials much longer than this, you should consider obtaining your own copy or checking with our Reference staff to see if the item is appropriate to add to our collections.

Lost or damaged books will be billed to your account so that we can reimburse the lending institution. The lending institution will determine the replacement cost of lost items, as well as any processing fees.

Picking up your ILL materials depends on the format of what you've requested.  For copies of articles: these copies will be placed in your mailbox (faculty) or your mail file (students).  Once we have given you these copies, they are yours to keep.  For books: items borrowed for faculty will be checked out to you and placed in your mailbox.  Items borrowed for non faculty will be checked out to you and held at the circulation desk, simply present ID to claim these materials.  You will be notified by email when your ILL materials are available.  Please remember, once an ILL loan period is over, we will send the book back, whether you have picked it up or not.

Overdue fines are $0.50 per day. We allow two days’ grace before fines begin to accumulate.  Fines accrue only on days that the ILL office is open (Monday-Friday).  Please remember that all ILL's are the responsibility of the requester, so please don't lend your ILL's to friends or professors!

Recalls can be placed by the lending institution. If one of your loans is recalled, please make arrangements to return the book immediately to avoid recall fines of $1.00 per day.

Reminder and overdue notices are sent once a week. We provide these notices can help you keep track of your books, but ultimately keeping track of due dates is your responsibility, and can be done by logging onto ILLiad

Renewals must be requested at least 2 days before the book is due.  To place a renewal, log in to ILLiad and select “Checked-Out Items” from the main menu. Click on the item in question and then click the “Request Renewal” button. ILL staff will notify you by email if and when the renewal is granted. Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library and can  never be guaranteed. Students are limited to one renewal per item; faculty to three renewals per item.

Returns of ILL items should be made at the circulation desk or the ILL office.   ILL items returned to other campus libraries will not be checked in until the are sent back to the Law library, and so may accrue fines.  Please return ILL materials on or before their due date(s).


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