General Formbooks

  • Broad coverage
  • Annotated, cross-references to AmJur, ALR, etc.
  • Updated with supplements and pocket parts for new forms and changes to the law
  • A good starting point, use to avoid having to start from scratch
  • Transactional forms:  use to draft contracts and documents
    • Wills, contracts, incorporation
  • Procedural:  use to draft pleadings and motions
    • Complaints, interrogatories, motions
  • Remember to tailor forms to the law of the jurisdiction and to the facts of the case
  • AmJur Legal Forms (Reference)
    • General legal topics, like partnerships, contracts, leases
    • Westlaw
  • AmJur Pleading and Practice (Reference)
    • Complaints, answers, motions
  • West's Legal Forms (Reference)
    • Arranged by big topics like bankruptcy, business forms

Federal Practice Formbooks

  • Federal Procedural Forms, Lawyers Edition (KF 8836 .F4 - no longer updated in print), available on Westlaw 
  • West's Federal Forms (KF 8836 .W4) & WESTLAW
  • Bender's Federal Practice Forms (KF8836 .F78) (Print no longer updated; use Lexis to update)
  • Formbooks by subject (tax, securities, employment discrimination)
    • Search EUCLID by Subject Area - United States - Forms

Georgia Practice Formbooks

  • Brown's Georgia Pleading, Practice and Legal Forms Annotated (King & Spalding Room)
  • Ruskell's Civil Pleading and Practice Forms: For Use with West's Official Code of Georgia Annotated (King & Spalding/Georgia Room)
    • Arranged by West's Code of Georgia citation
  • Georgia Civil Procedure Forms (Jenkins & Pitts) (King & Spalding)
  • Handbook on Georgia Practice with Forms (Sheppard)
  • Georgia Litigation Forms on Westlaw
  • All Georgia litigation forms on Lexis (by topic area)
  • Georgia Forms:  Legal & Business (King & Spalding Room)
    • Contracts, estate planning, business enterprises
    • WESTLAW (Georgia Forms:  Legal & Business)
    • Westlaw:  Georgia Formfinder

Jurisdictional Formbooks

  • Examples:
    • Southeast Transaction Guide:  Florida, Georgia, Alabama (Lexis)
    • West's McKinney's Forms (New York) (State Codes) and on Westlaw
    • Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations:  Text, Forms, Law (KFD213 .B35 1998) and on CCH Intelliconnect
    • Bender's Forms for Civil Practice (New York) (Lexis)
    • Other state formbooks on Lexis and Westlaw

Forms by Subject

  • Examples:
    • Modern Real Estate :  Practice Forms and Commentary (KF568 .1 2006 Looseleaf) and on Westlaw
    • Murphy's Will Clauses:  Annotations and Forms with Tax Effects (Lexis)
    • Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice 3d:  Includes official bankruptcy forms  WESTLAW
    • Rabkin & Johnson Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis (Lexis)
    • Federal Income Taxation of Real Estate (Thomson Reuters Checkpoint database)
    • Practical Law Company (individual passwords):  Includes standard clauses, agreements, and documents for corporate, securities, benefits, labor & employment law
  • EUCLID subject search:  (subject-jurisdiction- forms)
  • Practitioner-oriented books (many ABA titles) include sample forms, checklists, sometimes forms on cd-rom or accompanying website in Word, RTF, or PDF to use and edit
  • Many on Westlaw and Lexis:  look in topical materials
  • Georgia formbooks by topic area:
    • Georgia Domestic Relations Forms (Bates):  Georgia Room KFG94 .A65 B38 1988 and Lexis
    • Georgia Corporate Forms (Fischer):  Georgia Room KFG213 .A65 S64 and Lexis
    • Daniel's Georgia Criminal Trial Practice Forms (Goger):  Georgia Room KFG575 .A65  D36 2006 and Westlaw
    • Pindar's Georgia Real Estate law and procedure:  With Forms (Hinkel):  Georgia Room KFG 112 .P54 2004 and Westlaw
    • Georgia Real Estate Forms (Grove, Glass, and Cohen):  KFG126 .A65 G76 1987 and Lexis
    • Georgia Estate Planning, Will Drafting and Estate Administration Forms:  KFG140 .A65 L48 1987 and Lexis


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