Session Laws and Bills


Georgia Session Laws 

  •     Georgia Laws (Acts & Resolutions of the General Assembly of the State of Ga.)
    • Annual, uncodified
      • Begin 1808
      • Tables of OCGA sections amended each year
      • Margin notes of acts may include acts amended and repealed, or language in acts may include acts amended or repealed
      • Also tables from Act number to session law citation, bill number to Act number
      • Older volumes:  Find index heading for Code sections amended, lists code sections amended or page in Georgia Laws with table
  • 2 volumes each year, general laws & local laws
  • Annual indexes, not cumulative
  • Find in the King & Spalding (Georgia) Room, second set up through 2001 Range 367
  • “Purpose” clause in preambles
  • Effective date specified in act or July 1
  • Updates: 
  • Historical collections:
    • Hein Online Session Laws:  PDFs, search or browse, 1735-2010
      • Oldest statutes from the English Parliament and the Georgia colonial legislature
      • 1735 example: An Act to Prevent the Importation and Use of Rum and Brandies in the Province of Georgia
    • LLMC:  PDFs, 1900-2008
    • Galileo:  In Georgia Laws & Legislation>Georgia Legislative Documents, 1799-1999

Georgia General Assembly

  •  40 working days each year, start 2nd Mon. in Jan.
  • 2 year terms, bills carry over to 2nd session with consecutive numbers (bills & acts) for 2 years
  • Special sessions (redistricting)
  • If Governor calls for bill, 6 days to consider;other enrolled bills sign within 40 days after sine die; or become law (unless 2/3 vote to override veto)
  • 1st (introduced), 2nd, 3rd readers
  • Engrossed:  House bills can be engrossed by motion, prevents amendments
  • Crossover day:  day 30 (House) or 33 (Sen.) of 40, must pass 1 chamber if to become law

How a bill becomes law in Georgia

  1.     Introduced  
  2.     First reading on chamber floor (list of all bills introduced is First Readers)
  3.     Committee
  4.     House Second reading day after 1st (Senate after reported from committee)
  5.     Hearings
  6.     Amendments including substitution
  7.     Reported favorably
  8.     General Calendar, called up for floor action
  9.     Rules calendar, called up for floor action 
  10.     Third reading, floor debate, amendments
  11.     Voting
  12.     Other chamber, conference committee
  13.     Enrolled bill to Governor
  14.     Veto or becomes law
  15.     Georgia Laws, O.C.G.A.


Bill Tracking

    • General Assembly Search by bill or resolution number, committee, keyword, session
    • Search by Code Title to see if any pending or passed bills will affect your code citation
    • Lists by bill number with subject, sponsors, status, full-text, different versions
    • See First Reader lists to find by legislative day
    • Composite lists of bills by number and status
    • Committees, members, votes
    • Signed by Governor list (includes vetoes)
    • Previous legislative sessions, back to 2001
    • Links to House and Senate websites
    • To find legislative changes by code section:
      • Use the General Statutes Summary for the previous session's amendments
      • For the current session, search by Code Title



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