Georgia Legislative History

Legislative History:  Official Sources 

  • House & Senate Journals:  Hansell Room with Georgia documents (Range 366)
    • Chronological by legislative day, bills referred, whether passed, vote counts, roll call votes, committee actions
    • Bill titles, amendments, sponsors
    • May include bill text, text of amendments, or summary, no reports or debates
    • Indexes by subject & bill numbers
      • In older volumes, try code amendments in the subject index
    • House and Senate journals online in Galileo Government Publications databases 1956-2011
    • Available at Emory:
      • Senate Journals:  1815, 1816,  1913, 1927, 1931-present
      • House Journals:  1922, 1929-present

  • Georgia Legislature:
    • Compare versions of bills
    • Older documents including bills may be available at the Georgia Archives
    • No floor debates, official committee reports, hearings published
    • Georgia General Assembly website includes bill versions, final status & summaries, committee links


Legislative History:  Unofficial Sources

  • Georgia State University Law Review Peach Sheets (Review of Selected Georgia Legislation)
    • Annual fall issues, began 1985
    • Include code section, bill number, summary, history, provisions, analysis
    • Compiled from news articles, interviews, review of General Assembly video and documents
    • Only select legislation, including some that did not pass
    • Table of Code sections affected, bill index
    • Peach Sheets in the GSU Digital Archive by year, 1984-2007, searchable, e-mail and RSS notification available and with GSU Law Review volumes (volume 1-latest)
      • Abstracts, with pdf downloads

    • Available in the GSU Law Review issues on Westlaw, Lexis, Hein Online
  • Mercer Law Review Annual Survey of Georgia Law
    • Developments in Georgia law by subject area, including legislation and major court decisions
    • Issues since 1994 available on the Mercer Law School website
    • Also available on Hein, Westlaw, and Lexis
    • Mercer Law Review also publishes an annual Eleventh Circuit Survey
  • Westlaw:  GA-LH database
    • Information from the House and Senate Journals and from the General Assembly, includes bill histories, voting records, committee amendments, House and Senate Daily Reports, Governor's messages, news releases
  • Lexis:  Georgia Legislative Bill Histories
    • 2001-current
    • Documents include bill analyses, governor's messages, committee reports, summary amendments
  • Hein Session Laws
    • Georgia legislation 1735-2010
  • Newspaper articles on the Georgia legislature, especially Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Using Georgia Legislative History

  • UGA Law School research guide:  Researching the History of an Enacted Georgia Statute
  • For a discussion of the uses of Georgia legislative history and its reception by Georgia courts, see Georgia Statutory Construction: The Use of Legislative History, Ga. B. J., April 1996, at 30

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