Georgia Caselaw

Georgia Supreme Court


Caselaw Publishing History

  • None published before 1824
  • 3 nominatives for 1805-1837
  • Georgia Reports from 1845
  • Georgia Appeals Reports from 1907
  • Federal cases:  Find in the Federal reporters (F.3d and F.Supp. 2d)

Judicial System

  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Superior Courts
  • State Courts
  • Juvenile Courts
  • Probate Courts
  • Magistrate Courts
  • A few municipal courts
  • Georgia Courts System diagram
    • With links to courts
    • Map of Georgia districts and circuits

Caselaw in Print

  • Find print reporters at Emory in the King & Spalding Room (3d floor)
  • Official:
    • Georgia Reports (Ga.) – Ga. Supreme Court (from 1846)
    • Georgia Appeals Reports (Ga. App.)  (from 1907); Court of Appeals created by constitutional amendment 1906
    • No headnotes
    • Published by West since 2008
  • South Eastern Reporter, Georgia Cases (West) (from 1939)
    • Georgia cases from the South Eastern Reporter, with the S.E.2d page numbers and West key numbers and headnotes
  • Georgia Supreme Court records in Georgia Archives


  •  Georgia courts – cite to official & regional
    • Ex:  Smith v. State, 281 Ga. 185, 640 S.E.2d 1 (2006)
  • Shepard’s GA Citations – statutes & cases, parallel citations
  • Westlaw & Lexis:  include both citations
  • West’s South Eastern Reporter, Georgia Cases includes both citations
  • Parallel citations:
    • GA Digest Table of Cases

Finding Georgia Caselaw

  •  Georgia Digest (West)
    • 2nd series from 1942
    • Annotations, includes Georgia & Federal Courts
  • Annotated codes
  • Georgia legal encyclopedias & treatises

Georgia Caselaw Online

  • Lexis (Georgia cases, from 1846)
  • Westlaw (GA-CS, from 1846)
    • Georgia Civil Trial Court filings on Westlaw in GA-FILING
  • Fastcase: Search Georgia court opinions
  • Published Georgia cases are available on Google Scholar
  • Georgia Supreme Court website
    • Recent  Supreme Court opinions & summaries (browse by month), forthcoming opinion summaries, docket info, oral argument summaries
  • LLMC
    • PDF images of historical reporters
    • Citation needed
    • Georgia Supreme Court Reports volumes 1-155 (1846-1923)
    • Georgia Reports Annotated (1805-1843)
    • Georgia Appeals Reports volumes 1-29 (1907-1922)

Current Caselaw

  •  Daily Report (Fulton County Daily Report)
    • Opinions Weekly full-text, GA Supreme Court & Court of Appeals, by topic, now online only (with password)
    • Electronic Resources, password required for full-text access(from 1998)
    • Available on Lexis 1996-current
  • Advance sheets (West & Official reporters)
  • Advance Annotation Service (OCGA) New cases & secondary source annotations of the Code before annual pocket part is published

Trial Courts

  • Not officially reported or published
  • Westlaw trial court orders for Georgia

  • Daily Report news, calendars (Fulton Co.)
  • Clerk’s office files
  • Some court dockets on Westlaw, some on the web
  • Administrative Office of Georgia Courts website with info, forms & links 

Court Rules

  • Rules of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Rules of the Court of Appeals of GA
  • Uniform Rules for Superior and State Courts
  • Rules volumes in King & Spalding Georgia Room
    • West’s GA Court Rules & Procedure (federal & state volumes)
    • GA Rules of Court Annotated (LEXIS)
    • GA Court Manual Rules & Regulations Annotated (Darby)
    • West’s Georgia Code Annotated court rules volumes
      • Includes state court rules, bar rules, case & secondary source annotations, forms, advisory committee notes, history notes, indexes

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