U.S. Code

United States Code

  • Official Code
  • Consolidation and codification of general and permanent laws
  • 50 title headings, not all currently used
  • New Title 51 (National and Commercial Space Programs) Dec. 18, 2010
  • Compiled by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel (an office of the U.S. House of Representatives)
  • Published every 6 years, with cumulative annual supplements
  • About the U.S. Code (GPO Access)
  • LLSDC Guide to U.S. Statutes and Code
  • Current print code:  2012 Code through Title 12, 2006 Code for other titles
    • 2000 and 2006 Codes Range 302
    • 1976-1994 Codes plus supplements in US Docs at Y 1.2/5
    • Use official code with most recent edition and cumulative supplement, update from the last supplement
  • Titles of the 2006 ed. and supplements available on the House LRC website, on Hein Online , and on FDSys
  • 1926:  First U.S. Code
    • First codification since 1876 Revised Statutes
    • Act of June 30, 1926, ch. 712, 44 Stat. 1
  • Tables:  Popular Names, Classification Tables (USC/Public Laws), Revised Titles, Executive Orders and Proclamations
  • Notes:  Statutory (Public Law) source, reviser and amendment notes, cross-references, effective dates, short title, text of related Executive Orders
  • Microfiche:  1st floor, 1926-2000 Codes
  • Page Image from Hein Online:  Title 11
  • Page Image from Hein Online:  11 USC 101
  • Page Image from Hein Online:  Popular Names Table

United States Code on Hein Online

  • Hein Online US Code
  • Official Code in pdf from 1925 to current 2006 edition and supplements
  • Download searchable pdfs, or browse by edition or title
  • Includes US Code citation search tool
  • Includes Popular names Table and Index volumes
  • Also has the Revised Statutes and other early compilations of U.S. statutes

United States Code on FDSys

  • FDSys from GPO
  • Browse by Title and Chapter, or use the advanced search with fields including short title, and Title, Chapter, and Part (for heading numbers and words)
  • Current contents include the 2006 Code, with supplements through 2011
  • Also has the 2000 and 1994 Code and Supplements
  • PDF of Code volumes

      United States Code on OLRC

    • House Office of the Law Revision Counsel
    • OLRC US Code
    • Search or download Code volumes by Title or Chapter
    • Advanced search by title, heading, notes
    • Updated, with pending updates listed
    • Previous code editions available to search in advanced search, back to 1994
    • Download PDF USC Titles for most recent volumes
    • Classification tables
      • Public Laws and Statutes at large to USC, USC to Public Laws
      • Use to check for recent amendments to US Code
      • New Cite Checker to enter code citation and find notes and updates
    • Positive Law codification:  List of titles codified and codification projects on the website
    • Popular Name Table to browse by titles of acts, with Statutes at Large citations and some links to Statutes at Large, Public Laws, and US Code

    Positive Law Codification

    • Prima facie evidence:  Titles of the USC not enacted as positive law only prima facie or rebuttable evidence of law
    • Positive law titles are legal evidence of the law
    • Titles not codified:  Original statutes control for errors of inclusion, exclusion, word substitutions
    • Code text yields to Statutes at Large if there is any discrepancy, unless codified as positive law
      • USNB of Oregon v. Independent Insurance Agents, Inc. 508 U.S. 439 (1993)
      • Royer's, Inc. v. U.S., 265 F.2d 615 (3d Cir. 1959)
      • U.S. v. Welden, 377 US 95 (1964): rearrangement of statutes in the US Code carries no significance
    • Titles enacted as positive law:  Court will not permit or require proof of underlying statutes
    • Positive law codification process:  technical corrections, not intended for substantive changes in law
    • Code sections can be renumbered; renumbered title will include a note
      • Check tables for new title and chapter numbers
    • Amendments to the law:
      • Without positive law codification, amendment to the original statute
      • Positive law title, Congress may amend the code section
      • For some positive law titles, later amendments codified as a note to the US Code
      • New acts not amending previous law, assigned by the OLRC to a place in the code
    • Finding titles enacted as positive law
      • Office of Law Revision Counsel
      • Inside cover of USC volumes:  asterisk for titles enacted into Positive Law
      • US Code Table I:  Revised titles by section
      • LLSDC Revised Titles Table
      • Note the Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.) is separately enacted as law
        • New titles in progress from the OLRC
          • Title 51:  National and Commercial Space Programs (now complete and official)
          • Title 52:  Voting and Elections
          • Title 53:  Small Business
          • Title 54:  National Park System
          • Title 55:  Environment


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