Choosing a Topic

Circuit Splits and Hot Topics:  Sources for Topics for your Journal Notes and Comments

Guide by Amy Flick.  

Circuit Splits

  • US Law Week
    • Find Circuit Splits in Key Features
    • Circuit Splits monthly tables list cases with topic and summary of issues, link to the full case report
    • Circuit Splits also under Indexes and Recent Topics, or as a search term
    • Supreme Court Today includes Cases Granted Review to find pending cases
  • Westlaw
    • US Law Week:  Search for "circuit split" in the text
    • SCT-PREVIEW:  Find mentions of cases on the Supreme Court docket that might resolve circuit splits
  • Lexis
  • Seton Hall Circuit Review:  On Westlaw as SHCR
    • Find Current Circuit Splits column by title; includes short summaries
  • BNA databases including Bankruptcy Law Reporter
    • Highlights headings may mention circuit splits, or refer to rejection or disagreement with other circuits
    • In the Bankruptcy Law Reporter , see the Supreme Court Scoreboard for bankruptcy cases before the court
  • ABI Journal (American Bankruptcy Institute):  Password required, or find hard copy in Periodicals
    • Includes discussion of bankruptcy circuit splits and unresolved issues in topics



  • Justia BlawgSearch
    Search over a thousand law blogs published by law professors, lawyers, judges, legal researchers and librarians.  Use the categories to find blog posts by topic, or search using terms.  Categories include bankruptcy and international law.
  • Law Professor Blogs
    Designed  to assist law professors in their scholarship and teaching. Each site focuses on a particular area of law and combines both (1) regularly-updated permanent resources and links, and (2) daily news and information of interest to law professors.  Find a list of blogs by topic, or search recent posts.
  • LexMonitor
    • Daily review of headlines from law blogs.  Includes channels by practice area, including bankruptcy and international law, and law professor blogs.
  • ABA Blawg Directory
    • Topical directory of legal blogs, including bankruptcy and international law.  Within legal topics, find blawgs listed alphabetically or by popularity
  • SCOTUSBlog
    • Commentary and news on the Supreme Court of the United States.
    • See Upcoming Petitions and Petitions to Watch features for case summaries
  • How Appealing
    • Appellate litigation, including pending and potential Supreme Court cases
  • ACS American Constitution Society blog
  • Federalist Society blog
    • Plus SCOTUS Report blog for Supreme Court cases
  • ABI Blog Exchange with posts from multiple bankruptcy blogs
  • The Conglomerate
    • A blog on business, law, economics, and society
  • Bankruptcy blogs linked from the Bankruptcy Secondary Sources page
  • Wall Street Journal blogs, including Law Blog and Bankruptcy Beat
  • Inside Justice
    • International law blog, with links to UN courts and tribunals, treaties, and law reviews, and an international law glossary
  • International Law Observer:  European Union blog on international law news
  • International Law Prof Blog
  • Opinio Juris Blog

Newsletter Databases

Preemption checks:  finding out if a topic has already been used

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