Current Artist

This Spring the MacMillan Law Library hosts the artwork of a JM graduate.

An Educator’s Journey

Without question, we all enjoy photographing the places to which we travel.  Pictures of the people, the local architecture, cultural events and other significant elements help clarify and reflect a more comprehensive representation of the place visited.  However, the challenge is the ability to capture the true essence of an experience in a particular moment of time that is relevant, meaningful, yet contemplative and thought provoking.  Dr. Jane Hodges, project titled, “An Educator’s Journey” has executed against this challenge and has succeeded beautifully which is represented in this body of work.     

Jane’s professional career has offered a multitude of experiences to travel throughout the world including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.  As one major role throughout her professional career, she has seized the opportunity of capturing these unique experiences with enthusiasm, respect and authenticity. 

When asked how she has been able to travel so extensively as an educator on such a limited budget, she replies, “I always participated in professional opportunities when the occasion arouse throughout my career.  My passion in international education gave me a great deal of satisfaction, as well as the opportunity to share my skills in education, particularly aerospace education, the international language”. 

When Jane was asked to share her travel experiences from around the world through her photographic work, she began sorting through a multitude of photographic materials.  This included film negatives, slides and digital files, which ultimately represented over 75 countries.  This body of work that encompasses 4 floors of Emory’s MacMillan Law library is the derivative from this exercise.  Jane has taken great care at selecting pictures that represents the most memorable events captured through these international experiences.       

As an alumna of Emory University School of Law, Jane specialized in international law and development, graduating with a JM degree in 2016, and lives in Atlanta. 

Artist Portrait