Current Artist

This Fall the MacMillan Law Library hosts the artwork of local photographers.

Brenda Constan currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a retired high school English teacher.  Since retirement she has been exhibiting her photos in the Atlanta area and has published several photos in magazines, brochures, and the Atlanta Journal.  Brenda has been taking photographs since childhood when her grandfather gave her a Browning box camera.  Before moving to Atlanta, she lived in Seattle, New Orleans, and most recently Vermont, where she developed interests in hiking, canoeing, and x-c skiing and began using her camera to document the beauty of the natural landscape there.  Today, she depends on her cameras not so much as an artistic tool but as a way to record images of the people she encounters here in Atlanta and other parts of the world.  In this exhibit her photographs are of ordinary people in New York City, Atlanta, London, Switzerland, and British Columbia, all going about their daily lives as they enjoy some favorite leisure activities, play music in public places, or merely pose for a photograph.

brenda constan



Lynn Farmer, a photographer since she was nine years old, lives in Decatur, Georgia. She taught high school English for 35 years and holds a Ph.D. in literature from Emory University. She has traveled widely, awed by the beauty and surprise along the way and joyfully taking photographs. She enjoys photographing formal and informal portraits, landscapes, patterns in architecture and the natural world, human nature in action and repose, and visual paradox. In addition to being a photographer, Lynn is a poet and a singer.

Lynn’s work has been published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Village Writer Magazine, Michael Carlos Museum News, and the DeKalb News-Sun, among others; illustrated the dissertation Ancestors in the Laying-By Time: Revival of the Living and the Dead at Shingleroof Camp Meeting, by Donna Mote; and has appeared on the websites for the AJC, Café Mezclao, Oakhurst Baptists Church, and others. Lynn has received a number of prizes for her work, including four prizes in the Wolf Camera Southeastern Photography Awards; one prize in the AJC Travel Photography Contest; and two prizes in the Atlanta Audubon Society Photography Exhibition. She has also exhibited her photography locally at Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy Festival; Oakhurst Community Arts Festival; Glory Be! Salon; Tucker, Salem-Panola, and Decatur Public Libraries; Mercer University Library; Emory Law School Library; Atlanta Fulton County Library; and Clarkston Community Center.

The current exhibit features photographs of people around the world. Some of the photographs were taken in the U.S.— New Orleans, Charleston, Isle of Palms, and Atlanta—and others in the cities of Cuba, Morocco, England, Spain, and Germany.


lynn farmer

Jerry is a retired professional association executive with a background in nursing. She is a nurse practitioner and currently serves as a consultant and project manager for professional and trade associations. She loves to travel and always have an eye out for interesting people and places. With this exhibit, she calls attention to the “art” and humor found in nature. She hopes her photographs will help you see new details and possibilities in your own walk in the woods.

Her photographs have been published in the US China Review, selected for a Southeastern Photography School exhibit of 100 best pictures at Colony Square, Atlanta, and exhibited locally at the Oakhurst Arts Café, Decatur Public Library, Salem Panola Public Library, Mercer University-Atlanta, the Emory University Schwartz Center and Law Library. Her pictures have been featured during Atlanta Celebrates Photography at the Atlanta Fulton County Library (2014, 2016) and the Emory University Law Library (2017).

jerry williamson