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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Emory Law Center for Transactional Law & Practice, 2007-2017.
On view near the Rare Book Room, Level 2.

The Center for Transactional Law & Practice was founded ten years ago by Prof. Tina L. Stark. One of Prof. Stark’s passions is collecting original manuscript legal documents from centuries past. She has generously decided to donate her collection to the MacMillan Law Library so that modern students will be able to study and appreciate the long history of transactional law.

This exhibit uses examples from the Tina L. Stark and David J. Weisenfeld Collection of Antique Legal Documents to illustrate some of the techniques that 17th and 18th Century students and apprentices learned for conveying freehold land in England. It features a Fine from 1602, a Feoffment from 1654, a Common Recovery from 1678, and a Lease and Release from 1818.

Stark Exhibit examples

Tina L. Stark and David J. Weisenfeld Collection of Antique Legal Documents, 1602-1890.

This growing collection contains a variety of manuscript indentures, court documents, agreements and other materials. Most documents are made of vellum, with a few of paper.

The collection is organized into three subseries: (1) Pre-1700, (2) 1700-1799, (3) 1800-1899.  Materials are arranged by year, name of first party, and type of document.

The Emory Finding Aid for the collection is in preparation.